Ryan Zindorf

If your interested in following the founder of Hollowl Inc., you've come to the right place. I'm Ryan Zindorf. Architecturally trained and graphically inclined. I'm positively geek, in every way; job, life, and free time. I am an actual person, and any resemblance to works of fiction, contemporary or canonical, is entirely coincidental.


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She’s not really that stealthy…but she tries. (at Hollowl Inc.)

#cat (at Hollowl Inc.)

#catneckpillowselfie (at Hollowl Inc.)

They are huge now. (at Chesterfield Village)

Surprisingly this isn’t a college campus…it’s a retirement home. This sign even being here means this must be or must have been a problem!? #dope #gramps

Ladybug is angry because she wants to go outside. But #cat and #bug spray don’t mix :( (at Hollowl Inc.)

Prof. Plum and the #cat #tv (at Hollowl Inc.)

@2014zindorf donut model (at Hurts Donut)

Speech speech speech.

What would you like in your taco @lnz7t8? (at Iguana Roja Restaurante)

Air mattress blanket. (at University of Kansas Hospital)

Silly #cat is hiding… (at Hollowl Inc.)

Towing a giant bomb around…lol

Will the last remaining shrimp attack? (at Hollowl Inc.)

@lnz7t8 in Farmers Park. (at Bentonville Farmer’s Market)

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