Ryan Zindorf

If your interested in following the founder of Hollowl Inc., you've come to the right place. I'm Ryan Zindorf. Architecturally trained and graphically inclined. I'm positively geek, in every way; job, life, and free time. I am an actual person, and any resemblance to works of fiction, contemporary or canonical, is entirely coincidental.


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My purrrdy #cat. (at Hollowl Inc.)

@lnz7t8 our #herb #garden smells so good. Love #spring! (at Hollowl Inc.)

Cappy enjoying his almost breakfast. (at Hollowl Inc.)

Snow in March…wtf (at Hollowl Inc.)

Ahh that explains the green tongue. (at Ernie Biggs Dueling Piano Bar)

An odd number of events…within 30 minutes 3 people were sent to the hospital due to random fights. Never thought Springfield was such a violent place. (at Ernie Biggs Dueling Piano Bar)

The beginning of out St. Pattys day pub crawl. (at Ernie Biggs Dueling Piano Bar)

Key West, Florida Bum Beach @lnz7t8 (at Key West, FL)

The food. (at Hinode Japanese Steak & Sushi)

The guys on the other side of the table are not as stoked as I am for the Volcano. (at Hinode Japanese Steak & Sushi)

Nothing like eating ramen noodles without the noodles. (at Hinode Japanese Steak & Sushi)

@lnz7t8 got a haircut can’t you tell!? (at Hollowl Inc.)

Laser guided cat targeting system. (at Hollowl Inc.)

#tbt to our Monday with the Avett Brothers. (at JQH Arena)

Our evening with the #avettbrothers. @lnz7t8 (at JQH Arena)

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